85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky
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85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky 85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky
85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky

Strange, Funny, Bizarre and
Sometimes Photoshop'ed Images

  • ready to screw -- What better way to let someone know you're ready than by flaunting it openly? Yes! I'm ready to screw! But it's done tastefully..... heh-heh-heh.... yeah, right!

  • this frogg is a baller -- Rare photo of a true player for real Frogg posing before a party.

  • wallpaper: this frogg is a baller -- Full screen sized image of the above image.

  • pointing the way -- With Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol in hand, Blakk Frogg points the way.

  • deep digger -- Watch a Frogg with a huge tool tell you how deep he digs.

  • sarcastic for life -- Frogg's tongue lashes out to begin the phrase 'sarcastic for life'.

  • put a cock in it -- Don't like what someon has to say? No problem! Tell them to put a cock in it!

  • cheap date wallpaper -- Set this as your PC's wallpaper at the office and let your co-workers see a slice of your social life.

  • hourly rates motel tank top -- Any chick wearing this needs you to hit on her, sweep her off her feet, bang the crap out of her at a 'fuck shack', and leave her in the dust. Don't worry. She wanted it that way.

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    Want even MORE funny, unusual and/or otherwise bizarre pictures for free? Of course you do, and Blakk Frogg knows this! Enjoy!

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