85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky
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85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky 85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky
85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky

Strange, Funny, Bizarre and
Sometimes Photoshop'ed Images

  • Frogg's BMW F650 -- Nothing funny about this picture, but people keep asking me what it looks like.

  • blakk frogg at hofbrau haus in Germany -- Damn that's a big beer. Tasted fucking good, too. Good to the last fermented grains drop.

  • gave you a present -- Here comes the "I think I gave you crabs" greeting card.

  • girls eating spaghetti -- A real photograph I saw on the walls of a great Italian restaurant near the old Munich, Germany airport.

  • hillary clinton KFC special -- Get the new Hillary Clinton value meal from KFC.

  • hot weather forecast -- Snapshot from Yahoo Weather of the forecast for Rock Hill, SC last sometime in July 2005. And yes, I was bored.

  • hot weather forecast part 2 -- Another snapshot detailing the fun weather Rock Hill, SC endured in July 2005. And yes, I was STILL bored.

  • flying with Matt Neasey? -- No, I really don't think that's a very good idea. Jagermeister makes him a HORRIBLE pilot.

  • Lance Armstrong: "Raising The Bar" -- Lance Armstrong kicked ass and took names in Tour de'France 2005. They should have named it Tour de'Lance. At any rate, see this graphic on all sorts of shirts in the Lance Armstrong section of the Blakk Frogg Store.

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    Want even MORE funny, unusual and/or otherwise bizarre pictures for free? Of course you do, and Blakk Frogg knows this! Enjoy!

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