85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky
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85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky 85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky
85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky

Strange, Funny, Bizarre and
Sometimes Photoshop'ed Images

  • Lance Armstrong: "When in France, You Can't Beat Lance" -- The name says it all. You'll look great wearing this custom Blakk Frogg design. Trust me. Click here for details.

  • Lance Armstrong: "When in France, You Can't Beat Lance Flag" -- A much more sophisticated version of the previous artwork that REALLY kicks ass... and it's ONLY available in the in the Lance Armstrong section of the Blakk Frogg Store.

  • all the hot bodies wear -- Custom designed blakk frogg graphic.

  • skeleton in rock hill? -- I made this one when someone asked me what I thought of Rock Hell, SC. That wasn't a typo. ;)

  • welcome to rock hill -- Every town needs a welcome sign that "fits" its personality and Blakk Frogg, that's me, made one for Rock Hell, SC. Again, that's not a typo.

  • surfing in Munich, Germany -- For those unfamiliar with Bavarian geography, Munich does NOT sit on the shores of on an ocean. Instead, this creative young woman made use of fast-moving water coming into a city park from an underground aqueduct system.

  • go fuck yourself -- One of Blakk Frogg's favorite sayings gets mixed up with Wheel of Fortune.

  • world famous squirrel -- Ever see a rodent with nuts this big?

  • 174 kilometers ahead -- Need to use the phone? This helpful sign will point you in the right direction.

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