85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky
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85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky 85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky
85 Year Old Man Gets Lucky

Strange, Funny, Bizarre and
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  • definition of seculsion -- If anyone thinks Rock Hell, SC is a desolate, try moving to a place where they have signs like this one.

  • adult dog store -- Where does Fido go when he feels the need to spread his seed but can't find a bitch?

  • an airplane moon -- Some people, no matter where you try to take them, always make an ass out of themself.

  • soccer fans from outside the US -- Damn. Some professional American Football teams don't have cheerleaders who look this good!

  • United States soccer fan -- After careful review of the facts, I think the non-US soccer players have greater incentive to win their games than US soccer players!

  • holy hand grenade of Antioch -- Holy Grail fans rejoice! The number of the counting shall be three...

  • everyone loves a good pair of chaps part 1 -- Some people ought not wear certain things, but they do have the right to wear them.

  • everyone loves a good pair of chaps part 2 -- Rights or no rights, hairy men in chaps with no ass piece scare me.

  • everyone loves a good pair of chaps part 3 -- More pics of the guy whose hairy ass hangs out of his chaps. Yuck.

  • smells like crap at his work -- But no, the guy does not work in a hospital or bear the job title of Proctologist.

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