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Blakk Frogg thanks you all for dropping by to (undoubtedly) waste time at work. He will start you off with some links to news articles and websites he has deemed worthy of your attention:

May 25, 2006:

Protestors Banned From Military Funerals - Blakk Frogg applauds Congress for this one. Some free speech loyalists argued that protestors had the right to hoist "God hates soldiers" signs at military funerls. Although Blakk Frogg definitely believes in Free Speech, there comes a time when common sense and common decency ought to kick in for the "I have the right to protest" fanatics and they realize how stupid they look standing around a cemetery holding their "hate signs" and singing self-righteous songs which slander the deceased.

Get This Man a New Liver - Everyone knows Blakk Frogg likes to throw back a few cocktails in his spare time, but DAMN this Lithuanian truck driver puts him to shame. In most parts of the United States a person can get arrested for driving with a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.05%, which equates to 50mg/100ml. This fool had 727mg/100ml alcohol in his system which equates to roughly a .727% Blood Alcohol Level. Wow. Usually that also equates to 100% D-E-A-T-H.

R U Pissed? - OK, so this follows the last article a bit, but so what. I liked the in-depth, online ways in which a person could examine just how sloshed, drunk, wasted, shot, spent, loaded, etc. they became. Too bad our Lithuanian friend didn't have Internet access in the truck, right?

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