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Blakk Frogg thanks you all for dropping by to (undoubtedly) waste time at work. He will start you off with some links to news articles and websites he has deemed worthy of your attention:

May 31, 2006:

Taliban Take Over a Town - OK, this confuses Blakk Frogg immensely. As he recalls, the Taliban have caused major problems of a terrorist nature for many years... yet George Bush chases the shadows of a former dictator in Iraq. Apparently George Bush's war efforts failed to persuade the Taliban terrorists to behave themselves. Perhaps that is because we chased Saddam to secure oil by accident... when we meant to chase down Taliban and Al Qaeda. By the way... Has anyone seen Osama recently?

Drag a Police Officer - No, Blakk Frogg does not suggest anyone do that. One man in Russia, however, believed it a good idea to roll up the window on an officer's arm and drive away rather than accept a traffic ticket. I do believe that little 'ole traffic ticket will rank quite lowly amongst the slew of OTHER charges this moron will now face!

Upskirt Pervert Busted - Police officers forcibly took down a man walking around fairgrounds with a camera attached to his shoe. Witnesses say the man positioned his apparatus in ways so he could snap photos of women's private parts. Inspector Gadget and Maxwell Smart deny any and all knowledge of this super secret, super stealthy technology.

Unusual Sex Terms - Jackpot! Now you can learn the technical terms for your perverted actions, bizarre fetishes, and uncontrollable desire for cheese puffs and peanut butter after intercourse. For those who want 'street' terminology, you can always read the Man Dictionary.

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