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Blakk Frogg thanks you all for dropping by to (undoubtedly) waste time. He will now show you an article that will make you wonder what the hell is wrong with society:

June 14, 2006:

The Irony of Armor - In the news recently certain folks have brought up an interesting point about the thousands of pounds of armor added to troop transport vehicles currently deployed in Iraq after multiple deaths occurred due to deficiences in the vehicles' original design.

By adding all that "protection", apparently now the Humvees tip over a hell of a lot easier. Wow. Evasive driving, as in the type needed when someone feels like firing rockets up your ass, could kill you as easily as the rocket.

Ahem. Seems to Blakk Frogg that rather than invest the money to come up with and implement a "from-scrap" redesign solution that might have save troops' lives, the money-grubbing folks in and around Washington, DC (and other parts of the country) allowed contractors to put patches on a gaping wounds in our troops' defensive equipment. Yep. US tax dollars at work once more.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Blakk Frogg thinks the metal from the (many??) new cars purchased by corporate executives in companies supplying these band-aid solutions to the United States Military should get smelted down and used to construct REAL solutions for soldiers... and that those very same pork barrel executives should do a one-month tour of duty in the crap they have so willingly handed out to US Soldiers.

Let THEM duck shrapnel for a month... Blakk Frogg bets things will change REAL quick after that.

Simply Bully, Simply Awesome
(this story has a happy ending!)

Bully from Virginia Beach, VA

Bully From Virginia Beach - Blakk Frogg saw them live and he will make a point to see them again. On July 2, 2006 they will appear as Staff Choice Winners at the East Coast Showcase.

Blakk Frogg orders you to go and check 'em out. Hard rockin' ladies from Virginia Beach. You'll love 'em.

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