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Testing for Chlorine
"chlorine test kits"

Many public and private water systems use a form of chlorine to sanitize the water they supply to their users. While having clean, safe drinking water does matter and chlorine helps make water that way, certain problems may arise if chlorine concentrations get too high. The USEPA has set the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for chlorine in potable water at 4.0 ppm. SenSafe Free Chlorine Water Check

Health Concerns: Chlorine can make you very ill if ingested in too great a quantity. Also, those who have recently undergone chemotherapy or other cancer treatment procedures may want to consult with their physician about the possibility of chlorine interfering with the medications they take.

Aesthetic Concerns: Chlorine tends to make water smell and taste like a swimming pool. The last time you accidentally swallowed pool water, you probably thought or said, "Yuck. This tastes nasty." Therefore, water treatment companies of all shapes and sizes, varieties and forms manufacture and sell a number of different ways for people with unpleasant levels of chlorine in their water supply to remove chlorine. SenSafe Total Chlorine Water Check

So why test for chlorine? Simple: 1) For those on water systems which they fear prone to contamination, they may want to make certain their water still contains chlorine by the time it when it reaches their home or place of business. 2) For those with water treatment systems, testing for chlorine at their faucet may give them the ability to make certain their filtration system works properly because the presence of chlorine in their water post-treatment would typically indicate the opposite.

Simply Frogg has found two easy-to-use, inexpensive chlorine testing products which he feels work quite well for testing chlorine levels in potable water: SenSafeTM Free Chlorine Water Check and WaterWorksTM 2 Free & Total Chlorine test strips.

For more information on those and other chlorine testing products, please visit the Water Testing Blog and search for "chlorine testing".

For additional information on intended chlorine levels for your local water supply, call your local Health Department and/or visit the USEPA’s website.

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Chlorine Test Kits Chlorine Test Kits


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    Chlorine Test Kits Chlorine Test Kits
    Chlorine Test Kits
    Chlorine Test Kits Chlorine Test Kits
    Chlorine Test Kits Chlorine Test Kits
    Chlorine Test Kits
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