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Testing for Peroxide
"peroxide in water & peroxide in solvents"

Recently Simply Frogg has received numerous inquiries regarding peroxide testing products. Ordinarily we would suggest Peroxide Check (MPN: 480014) from Industrial Test Systems, Inc. and that would solve the problem. On these occasions, though, these folks threw an extra condition into the mix: The test must work in organic solvents such as ethers, cyclohexanol, benzyl alcohol, styrene, and others.

Apparently these organic solvents and organic compounds can generate dangerously high levels of peroxides when exposed to various naturally occurring elements such as light, heat, or the introduction of a contaminant. High levels of organic peroxides created a dangerous situation and exposure to heat, shock and/or friction can trigger a potentially deadly explosion. WaterWorks Peroxide Check

Chemical indicators/compounds that work in aqueous environments often come from organic solvents, thus making them water insoluble and useful for testing in water. If those same indicators find themselves in organic solvents, they will, as a general rule, go back into solution. When that happens, they become useless. For that reason, the peroxide tests offered by Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (Brand: WaterWorks) will usually not work in organic solvents.

Peroxide Check does, however, work great for testing drinking water, pool water and spa water treated with hydrogen peroxide as a sanitizer.

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Peroxide Test Kits Peroxide Test Kits


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    Peroxide Test Kits Peroxide Test Kits
    Peroxide Test Kits
    Peroxide Test Kits Peroxide Test Kits
    Peroxide Test Kits Peroxide Test Kits
    Peroxide Test Kits
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